Startups - life blood of the new economy

"Innovative industries bring good jobs and high salaries to communities where they cluster and their impact on the local economy is much deeper than the direct effect. Attracting a scientist or software engineer triggers a multiplier effect, increasing employment and salaries for those that provide local services. In essence a high tech job is more than a job... research shows for each high tech job, five additional jobs are created outside the high tech sector."

Source: Enrico Moretti (2012) The New Geography of Jobs

Startups are vital to the Australian economy and particularly so for communities like ours.

Startups fulfil many functions in the community. They create new enterprises, new jobs, higher incomes, new industries, a sense of community excitement and help creative and innovative individuals and groups to reach their potential.

Berwin is building the right environment and support to foster creativity and innovation specifically to encourage entrepreneurs to convert their ideas into new businesses that will help build a stronger economic and social outlook for the region.