Mark McNeill
Manager Wide Bay

I focus on identifying, measuring and improving business performance to meet the company’s vision. I place great emphasis on building collaborative teams with the ability to creatively problem solve. I believe in people and the utilisation of their skills to drive business advancement. My industry experience has spanned sales, charitable partnering, commerce, process engineering, advertising prepress, printing, film, photography and DVD sectors start up and or restructure.

I have a diverse background with multiple roles including National General Manager, National General Manager Digital Technology, Sales and Management, Development and Process Manager for emerging technology.

I have achieved success through effective communication as a leader and team manager. I am a lateral thinker and highly value innovation in myself and others. I place great emphasis on building teams with the ability to creatively solve problems. I also research industries and rapidly understand business drivers and determine when to apply tools, methods and framework for management improvement and performance assessment in the most cost-effective way.

My areas of expertise include, business planning, strategic planning, operational execution, performance measurement, process improvement, sales and management, analysis, budgeting, negotiating, financial analysis, staff management, change management, risk management and technology management.