Kevin Mailer
National Manager

Kevin is the National Manager of The Empowered Group.

Over the past 20 years, Kevin has had a passion for Business.  He believes he has now found his purpose to develop people's clarity on their vision and actions, along with their skills, to make their dreams a reality.

Having a vast business background, including Hospitality & High Tech Retail, Kevin is now drawn to the Education sector and more specifically Personal / Professional Development and Mentoring. He is now enjoying the journey of coaching and consulting to people worldwide, on how to create their own passion-filled businesses and to take action on their ideas, with authenticity.

Kevin has been in business with his wife - Kirsty - since 2005, originally in the technology / telecommunications arena, and they are now working together from their Gold Coast Home Office, with an international client base and a range of Educational & Leadership Development products, including University Accredited Curriculum & many other Award Winning lines.

Kevin works with only the most motivated individuals who are ready to create change. He allows them to have access to an in depth "success education" program that not only teaches how to create dynamic increases in areas such as personal productivity and goal setting, but also leadership, belief systems, boldness and confidence, which ULTIMATELY guides an individual through the process of building bigger and better results personally and professionally.

For most, creating a passion filled career is a utopian idea. Now, with the power of the internet & online learning and having the right education & mentoring available to individuals all over the world, in the new economy it is necessary more than ever before to invest in your own education through these means. Personal / Professional Development is your most practical plan to launch your self into the success you really deserve.