Jason Wiegmink
Director and Principal

It's been a career dominated by interaction with people that has moulded me into the person I am today.

Post university and post a two year overseas adventure I found myself in the retail world, more specifically in the motor industry. It's not hard to imagine the trepidation of a father whose son has announced that used car sales would be a sensible start for a Commerce Degreed individual.  That decision however, gave rise to incredible opportunities. Small business skills were developed during those early years, managing limited funds, inventory, accounting and marketing now being applied in the real world. 

And then: from small turnovers in Africa, to big turnovers in Australia, more opportunities presented themselves when we made the decision to immigrate to this country. What a privilege to be in control of my own destiny. To be faced with so much opportunity!  How exciting to be given the responsibility of looking after a business with a $120 million turnover, 130 staff and a top 5 ranking in the country by volume for the brand I was representing. Highlights during this chapter would be the completion of a business diploma with a focus on the motor industry and a Mazda Master Dealer Award, going only to the top 15 Mazda Dealers in the country. 

Commitment, trust and respect led to a further incredible opportunity. To come to the Fraser Coast as a Director and Principal of a great Dealership has been the realisation of years of incredibly hard work and determination. A Mitsubishi Distinguished Dealer Award has been another career highlight shared and enjoyed by our local employees for being acknowledged as being the very best in Australia, as has been the creation, development and the delivery of our amazing local charity: Rally for a Cause. An entity initiated by like-minded, local business leaders to help provide some relief to Fraser Coast families facing difficult circumstances and engaging with the community to give a bit back. 

For me the motor industry has not been about the cars but about the people; our team, our suppliers, our competitors and our customers resulting in thousands of interactions that have provided insight, challenges, guidance, and experience to help develop skills in both business and in life.